Ok, I admit it, I'm a quilt-along addict. I guess I can add that to my blog header next to chai addict! What I really like about the quilt-along format is the discipline. Just ask my husband, I work best with deadlines. So when the quilt-along format came along, the engineer in me really responded to it.  It's just like a project plan - a clear objective, resource allocation, weekly milestones. It was a match made in heaven. I've gotten so many quilt tops done with this format, I can hardly believe how productive I've become.

So when I finished my last quilt-along, I decided I wanted to try one of my own.  So here we are.   

The design for this quilt top was inspired by a Quilt Mockup Tutorial on Fresh Lemons. The tutorial talks about how to design a quilt using Photoshop Elements. I had previously been using another graphics program, but the software company decided to stop making it for the Mac and the VERY old version I owned couldn't keep up with my computer's operating system anymore. So I was very excited to learn how to use Photoshop Elements for quilt design. As I took the tutorial, I quickly realized there was a great quilt design in the blocks I was building, twisting, and turning. With permission from Faith at Fresh Lemons, I decided to use the quilt that came out of that tutorial for a quilt-along. Check-out the Fresh Lemons website for more inspiration and to take the Quilt Mockup Tutorial. Thanks, Faith!

Here is the quilt that we'll be doing for this quilt-along. I'm calling it Double Take - amazingly, it is made out of only two quilt blocks!

Quilt-along with me! Since this quilt is only made up of two blocks, it will take no time at all.  

July 20:  Assembly
Aug 4:  Quilting 
Feel free to post your progress on the Flickr site!   

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