Disappearing 9-patch

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I've never done a block of the month before, so when my cohort Bobbi at AMGQ suggested doing one, I thought I would give it a try.  One of the blocks, the disappearing 9-patch, I quickly decided I wanted to make a whole quilt top out of.  I liked the look of using only two fabric in the disappearing 9-patch, so I wanted to stick with that.  I was so excited that I started piecing right away.  Then.....

...I realized I did not have enough fabric from the print.  And not only did I not have enough fabric, but the fabric I bought was OUT OF PRINT!  Yikes.  I did manage to find some on ebay, but not enough to make the size top that I wanted.  So, plan B.  I bought a complimentary fabric from the same line, Pillow and Maxfield.  
The second print fabric is also out of print, but, again, I was able to find some on ebay.  It was enough to make the top I wanted.  The only question was, how to arrange it, now that I already had pieced and cut the first print.  Here were some options that I thought would work, but wasn't 100% happy with.

My husband liked the left one better.  I had been leaning towards the right one (yes, i realize there are two pieces turned wrong in the middle on the left side).  What I didn't like about the left was that I my eyes didn't know where to rest when looking at it.  The left layout just seemed a little chaotic, and as an engineer, I prefer structure!  But, there also seemed to be something about the right layout that did not convince me to start piecing it.

So I kept at it and finally settled on this..

There is movement, yet my eyes don't hurt when I look at it!  Now, onto piecing....

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