Four Square Quilting

Friday, March 02, 2012

Whew! Finally got my 'Four Square' top quilted! It's an original design that I came up with a while back based on my love of squares. I had two motivations for getting it quilted. The first is that I wanted to enter it into the Modern Quilt Showcase in Houston this year. The second is that I was fast approaching my third trimester (yes, I'm pregnant!) and was already starting to have problems reaching over my longarm!

At first I was going to do some straight line quilting on it. But when I tested out some straight line designs, they just looked too plain. Then my husband suggested I used some spirals or concentric circles. At first I totally opposed the idea. I mean, why would you want to ruin something so perfectly square by putting circles in it, right? But then when I auditioned a couple circular designs, I found that I could do the circles in a way that really complimented the squares. I'm really happy I listened to his advice and love the way the quilt turned out.

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