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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The piecing instructions fror the main blocks were pretty straight forward.  Here is a recap:

1) Mark the diagonal of the half square triangles.
2) Sew the HST to the center block.
3) Cut the excess from the HST.
4&5) Attach the first round of strips.
6) Attach the second set of HSTs (cut the excess here as well).
7&8) Attach the second round of strips.
9) Finished blocks.

One thing the instructions did not discuss...if you are OCD about corners like me, you will want the HST from the second round to line up with the corner of the HST from the first round:

To do this is pretty easy:

1) After marking your HST block (for the second round), fold the HST block in half perpendicular to the marking in order to find the dead center point.
2) Here you have the center crease crossing the marked diagonal.  The intersection is the center point
3) Stick a pin in the wrong side of the HST through the center point.
4) Stick the pin in the exact corner of the first round HST.
5) Set the HST block in place.
6) Sew all the HSTs to the block.

Here are the pieced blocks so far:

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